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We would like to offer you our Wealth Management Certificate program FREE so you can test it out and see the amazing work we do! Not only will you be blown away with our designing, you will also walk away with more of an understanding of your RRSP contribution as well as how you can save a bundle each month on interest... its a win win!

Each course will take you about an hour to complete and there are three courses in all:

  • Wealth Basics
  • Building Wealth through Investing
  • Planning for the Present and Future

Wealth Basic

Do you know the difference between "bonds" and "debentures"? Have you sat down with your partner and calculated your Net Worth? Do you have clear financial goals and a plan for your Retirement? If you answered NO to any of these questions, then you need to make time to complete this 60-minute course which will take you through all of these topics and more. Don't be left out - learn the basics for managing your wealth and create a personal plan for a successful future!

Building Wealth through Investing

Safety of Capital - Income - Growth - Tax Savings. Have you taken the time to identify your Investment Objectives and ensure that they are aligned with how you are investing your money? What about Mutual Funds? There are dozens of choices and it's tough to know how to pick what's right for you and your family. Complete this 60-minute course and learn how to analyze the options and make decisions that are right for you!

Planning for the Present and Future

Would your family know what to do if something happened to you? Do you have good Documentation in place to help guide them through what is sure to be a very difficult time? Wills, Powers of Attorney, Organ Donation, Funeral Arrangements and the many types of Insurance available on the market are all things that you need to consider as part of a healthy personal Wealth Management Strategy. Work your way through all of these topics during this 60-minute course. By the end, you will have a comprehensive Personal Records Organizer in place that you can share with your loved ones and trusted advisors.


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ALLIANCELearning works with organizations of all sizes to develop customized on-line training for their employees and clients so that they can learn anytime, anywhere and everywhere. We have experience developing and implementing bite-sized micro-learning right through to multi-course certificate programs. We have ideas and solutions to bit fit any budget - on time, money, or people.

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