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Have you started to incorporate AR into your training programs?

Augmented Reality (AR) is so great for follow-up/on-the-job training. At first it might be difficult for some to see the benefits and just look at it and think it's cool, but then can't make the leap into 'how do I get this started for our workplace'. Start with something simple and easy, nothing fancy, but something work related. This way they can test it out and get the feel for it. Then you could have a follow up disucssion to see what they thought and start brainstorming ideas on how it can rbe useful to the workplace. When people can see it working for something in their reality, they'll want to see more of it.

The project film for 'Layered': The Future of Augmented Reality

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Is your organization embracing a learning culture?

Can you think of a moment where someone or something had an influence on your career? It might have been advice given to you or maybe it was something you learned from a course that you took.  It wasn’t planned and you might have not even realized the impact it had on you at the time. Whatever it was, it changed your behaviour and it was a turning point. It gave you the motivation, that extra push, to get you to where you are today.

In the learning industry, we like to call those teachable moments.

The workplace is changing, it is developing. What was once this Monday to Friday, working 9 to 5, sitting behind a desk is no longer the norm. It is flexible, digital and organizations are embracing this learning culture, putting an emphasis on professional development and team building. Alliance Learning is a part of that; we are helping organizations with their learning strategies.

We want to be a part of your change.

Our instructional designers build courses that connect with learners so that the content has an influence, it sticks with them. We love learning and we love seeing the impact it can have not only on someone’s career but on the organization as a whole.

Can Online Learning Improve Workplace Productivity?

We think it can!

Online learning is not only accessible, keeps the training costs low, and reduced time spent away from the office, it also encourages collaboration and self-paced learning. It is beneficial to professional growth for employees, which is then beneficial to the growth of the organization. 

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Key advantages of e-learning in the workplace

E-Learning allows you to work at your pace, when you can find the time. It gives you the freedom to learn anywhere, anytime. For organizations, it allows multiple employees to take the same program, keeping the cost of professional development low and making it manageable for organizations to encourage their employees to work on continually developing their skills. It also paves the way for just-in-time learning.

Here are 7 advantages of e-learing brought to you by Learning Pool. 

1. Scalable, Efficent & Fast

You'll have the ability to quickly create and communicate new policies and training throughout your organization. 

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Why is Elearning so beneficial for organizations?


Time and money are two key factors when it comes to organizations and professional development.  They don’t want to take the employee out of the office for a lengthy period and they also don’t want to spend big bucks for their employees to work on their career development. So is the answer to just cut it all together? NO – investing in your people is so very important.

We are seeing a shift from the traditional employee training (classrooms and seminars) to using e-learning as a training method. Several studies have proved that old school learning strategies are just not as effective as they used to be.

Check out these 5 core benefits of e-learning for organizations.

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