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Interesting trends in the e-learning industry

The e-learning industry just keeps growing with no signs of slowing down! In fact, the E-Learning Industry estimates that revenues will be over fifty billion dollars this year alone! As technology for designing e-learning course are becoming more and more sophisticated, we are bound to see some crazy new trends arise. 

Here are the top 5 e-learning trends from E-Learing Industry

1. Mobile Learning

Mobile learning, or mLearning, is one of the main reasons company owners launch learning management systems. These leaders want their employees to have the luxury of accessing training resources on any device, at any time, from any place. 

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Source: E-Learning Industry 

Oxford University jumping on the online learning bandwagon

With the growing popularity of online courses, Oxford University has decided to get in the game. They recently announced that they will offer "massive open online courses" -  Mooc. 

They have partnered up with a US online university network edX to run an economics course.

This network, which has over nine million students, provide free-mini-courses that can be accessed anywhere in the world. 

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Source: BBC News


What Are Micro-credentials?

You have just been promoted to a leadership role and you are looking to build on your leadership skills but you work full time so you dont have the time to go to school? What can you do? Take an on-line course perhaps. 

Micro-credentials offer you a way to develop a specific skills in a certain area, which in turn helps build up your resume. 

Check out this very cool infographic to give you a better understanding of what micro-crendentials are all about!


What Are Micro-credentials?

Why companies should plan to succeed in elearning

Since elearning arrived on the scene, it has become a juggernaut. It has transformed the way we train employees and which continues to grow at phenomenal rates. According to the latest market study released by Technavio, the market size of the global corporate elearning market is predicted to reach close to USD 31 billion in revenue by the end of 2020. 

The driving forces behind this extraordinary growth is due to: business agility and continuity, the democratisation of learning access, quality assured and consistent education delivery, talent retention and technological advances. In short, elearning just makes good business sense. However, despite the ubiquity of online training, many companies still struggle to achieve the full benefit of elearning. 

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Source: Training Journal


What does a 21st Century classroom look like?

The way a classroom is set up has an impact on the way we learn. It is important to have an interactive set up, so everyone can partake in discussions. Technology is part of our everyday life - it’s part of work, school, its everywhere! So a classroom needs to be set up to support technology, to enable teachers to engage with their students through collaborative learning activities. 

To get some ideas on how you can set up your classroom to a 21st Century classroom, check out this great infographic from E-Learning Industry

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Source: E-Learning Industry