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How would you feel about switching your chair to a treadmill at your desk?

Working at a desk all day can certainly take a toll on the body. Over the years we have tried to make adjustments to our seating so that it is better for our health.

In the 60’s ergonomics came into play; the 80’s we tried to design chairs to give better back support; in the 90’s the Aeron chair was designed so you could lean back while; in the 2000’s we switched it up and went with no chair and standing desk. So what is the idea in the present day?

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Driving schools embrace convenience of e-learning

With the convenience of e-learning, it’s no wonder all industries are jumping on board!

To help spread awareness of safe and responsible driving habits in Abu Dhabi/UAW has introduced e-learning. This month, Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) in Dubai launched the online service for light motor vehicle licence candidates. Students can register at Each lecture is divided into five to six segments and lasts an hour. After each video, a student must attempt to answer a short quiz consisting of four questions before moving on to the next segment.

So instead of sitting in a stuffy classroom, with long lectures on driver attitude and responsibilities and figuring out what each traffic sign, road marking and traffic control device at intersections signifies, drivers can now use their laptops or desktops to access all course material from the comfort of their home or office.

Not only is location an issue for some but so is time. "I signed up for the theory, classroom-based lectures last September but I just didn’t have time," said Mr Afanah, a Dubai resident who has held a Saudi driving licence for 10 years. "The great thing about it is the flexibility it offers. It was easy for me to stay focused as there were no distractions in my office."

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Source: The National UAE

It is never too early to introduce online learning... it is the way of the future!

An Ontario high school Twin Lakes Secondary School, has recently introduced blended learning to a Grade 10 class. This is the first formal e-learning course offered at Twin Lakes.

Blended learning is a unique type of learning where it features both online curriculum and face-to-face learning with a teacher in a computer lab.

“This is a regular class that we have in a computer room,” explained Robyn LaChapelle, who teaches the Grade 10 civics and careers class. “We thought. 'Why not have a trial run in Grade 10?'” LaChapelle said. “This provides more availability since every student learns differently.”

Grade 10 student Taylor Kitchen likes the program and the flexibility it affords.

“It's good because if you're sick, you don't fall behind and can catch up,” she said. “It's also good for working independently.”

Fellow student Lauren Prosser also appreciates the freedom the course allows.

“It’s a fantastic warm-up for online college courses in the future because there’s a teacher in the room to help, but the work is mainly up to you,” she said. “It’s a lovely balance between being in the classroom and online.”

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Looking for a New Year's resolution? Make E-Learning one of them!

Regardless of any organizations financial fiscal year, the New Year always brings in a review and reflect period – what worked over the course of the year, what did not, and how can we improve.

One topic of discussion should always be ‘how can we invest in our people, what training can we offer them’.  Now, training tends to be the first thing cut when times are tight, but that’s the best part about E-Learning, it is relatively inexpensive!

Here are 3 reasons why you should make an eLearning New Year Resolution.

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The Top 7 Benefits of elearning

Most organizations nowadays are replacing on-site training with a more modern way to provide training to their employees, e-learning. So what is the big deal, why are so many companies doing this?

For one, they are saving a TON of money as they don’t have to bring in an instructor. What if someone can’t make it to the training on that specific day? No problem with e-learning, they can access the training anywhere! It also has proven to increase productivity, which in turn boosts revenue. And who doesn’t like to make money right!

Other than significant cost savings what are some other benefits of e-learning? 

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