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2018 isn’t over yet…why wait for the New Year to start a resolution?

You may not have the time to tackle a new project, but you certainly have time to take inventory, a stock of lessons learned.  All it takes is three simple steps.

So, pull together a few of your Learning and Development folks as well as some of your typical target audience members, grab a coffee and a whiteboard and get cracking!

1 - Take stock of your successes:

Brainstorm everything that worked really well this year; successful aspects of a project, a new delivery method you tried out, even some positive feedback on course content.  Narrow your impressive list down to a Top 10.  Stop and celebrate!

2 – Don’t forget the To-Do list:

Starting fresh isn’t always the answer. Take out last year’s list…what were the things you wish you had gotten to, but just didn’t? Highlight your top 5 to-dos from this past year so they aren’t forgotten.  These could be identified projects like the classroom course in need of a refresh; or problems without a solution yet, like the new procedures that employees are struggling with. Rank these in order of priority.

3 – Create a Plan:

Now that the caffeine is running through your veins, start to make a plan for your top To-Do list items.  Do fresh eyes need to see your course materials and help brainstorm a solution? Finally put some modules online? Poll some new employees to find out what issues they are having with the new procedures? Look over at your ‘Successes’ list every once in a while…could those help at all? Write your ideas down.

And look at you! You’ve downloaded some of the things in your brain onto paper, you and your team have a little excitement brewing, and you’re ready to take steps as soon as the eggnog wears off. 

If we can be of any help in the re-design of your courses, or the brainstorming on solutions for your training woes, please call us, we love doing this work and would be delighted to grab an armload of your ‘To-Do’s and make them ‘Ta-Da’s!