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The Results are In!

LinkedIn Learning with Content has released their 2018 Workplace Learning Report.  This is the result of a survey of over 4,000 professionals on ALL ends of the spectrum; employees, managers, executives, and of course, those responsible for talent development.  It’s our job, as learning professionals, to unpack, dissect and draw conclusions that will help us serve our clients and partners better.

There are two key areas we found that directed the report:

  1. Most Pressing Questions; and
  2. Top Workplace Learning Trends. 


What was our #1 Aha moment?

From the Most Pressing Questions, came this:

“Why do employees demand learning and development resources, but don’t make the time to learn?” 

What? How can this be true when the survey ALSO revealed that 94% of employees said they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career?    The struggle is real.


According to survey data, the modern organization needs to reduce the friction and meet learners at their level.  That is:

  • offer opportunities that align with what employees want and need; and
  • engage with them through platforms they already use.


Need help figuring out how to do this? Alliance Learning can make sure you offer a thirsty person a glass of water, not a firehose.  And how NOT to make them walk a mile to get it.  Simple, effective, and easy to reach training that employees will use, and benefit from.  And make the most effective use of your training budget. 

Ask us how!


 See the full report or stay tuned for more insights right here.