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How are people globally benefiting from online learning?

Coursera was founded by 2 Stanford professors and offers a vbariety of online courses. There are some that you have to pay for, especially if you want to receive credit for them however for the most part they offer free online courses. 

Coursera asked learners who have completed their courses about their career and educational outcomes.

Here are their findings.

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Source: E-Learning Teleformacion blogspot

Some innovative ways to reinforce key concepts in online training

With such a fast paced society that we live in, our minds are always in overdrive. This can leave little, maybe even no room, for short-term memory with it comes to developing our skills, specifically for online training. We need to make sure that we are reinforcing the key concepts to the learner throughout your e-learning course. By doing this it will help the learner to remember the key facts, to help them increase their knowledge and skills.

So how can we incorporate creative ways that will help the learner reinforce key concept from their online training? Here are some examples you could use.  

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Source: E-Learning Industry 

Have you attended a BORING webinar?

The kind that you can "really" be checking your e-mail while "attending"? Or even worse, have you led one like that???

Here are some "do's" to keep in mind the next time you design a webinar:

- Have an agenda with clear timelines WRT to how you will cover content
- Pace yourself - 100 words per minute is optimal
- For each slide...30 second minimum; 2 minute maximum
- Have another presenter logged in to respond to texted questions (in the chat box) as well as any technical issues that learners run into
- Allow space for learners to share their examples
- Use the annotation tools often and in meaningful ways
- Use polls and feedback tools
- SMILE - regardless of whether or not you are using your webcam
- Have a printed copy of your presentation in front of you (just in case)
- Have a glass of water handy
- Upload or distribute learner handouts in advance of the webinar

And remember - enthusiasm is contagious...and so is boredom!

What is in store for e-Learning in 2017?

Every year we reflect on what happened the previous year and we forecast what is in store for the upcoming year, even years. E-Learning has been around be almost 8 years now but only in the past couple of years has it really taken off. This is a great infographic that has the top 9 predictions for 2017. This will give you a clear picture of what is coming up this year for the e-learning industry, it might even help you make decisions (or changes) to your e-learning strategy.

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Source: E-Learning Infographics

Do you have a TON of questions about e-learning but don’t know where to start?

Don't worry, you are not alone!

This is the case for lots of people when they are venturing on a new project. One of the challenges can be finding useful information and knowing where to turn to when you have questions. I say useful information, because in the age of technology that we live in there is SO much information right at our finger tips – the hard part is weeding through all of it trying to figure out what is good for you. A great place to start would be to get involved in a Learning Community.

The purpose of a Learning Community is for a group of people, who share a common interest, to get together to discuss issues, concerns, success stories, whatever they want to on that certain topic. There is no actual leader in a Learning Community rather there is a moderator – someone to get the discussion started and to provide support. It is a place that we can teach each other, collaborate with one another, exchange ideas and information, and most importantly were we can learn from each other.

As you know, I recently launched Alliance Learning, an online university. This is something that was in the works for sometime, it most certainly did not happen overnight. I want to now help others fulfill their e-learning goals, share my knowledge, provide a place where e-learning professionals can go for advice, etc.

I have started a Learning Community and I would like invite you to join my Facebook group, E-Learning Pros (click and log in or search for us in Facebook). Or you can send me a quick note and I will invite you to join the group. There is no pressure to post anything, take your time and see what others are saying.