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Leadership Academy

“Great leaders help others to be successful.”Janet Stewart

We all need to be leaders, regardless of our formal title or role. By investing time in the development of your personal leadership skills, you are investing in your career and in your long-term employment goals. Whether you run your own business or work as part of a team, effective leadership skills will put you at the front of the crowd.

Leadership Certificate Programs 

If you are serious about developing your leadership skills and taking your career to the next level then our Leadership Certificate Program is for you! There are 46 on-line courses, divided into 4 levels – but you take the courses in the order that makes the most sense to you, based on your current needs.  

•         Level 1 Leadership Certificate (any 10 courses from the Leadership Academy list of courses);

•         Level 2 Leadership Certificate (any 20 courses);

•         Level 3 Leadership Certificate (any 30 courses);

•         Level 4 Leadership Certificate (any 40 courses)

Leading Others Through Change, Managing Up and The Art of Influencing Others are just a few of the courses available in this series. Each of these on-line courses will take you about 1-hour to complete and counts towards completion of the Leadership Certificate Programs outlined above.