Face-to-Face Courses: Developing Your Personal Skills


“Great leaders help others to be successful!” – Janet Stewart

Everyone, regardless of his or her title or role in an organization, needs to develop his/her personal leadership skills…and everyone needs to be equipped with effective leadership skills so that he/she can Take the LEAD when it is appropriate to do so.

Highly effective organizations are able to harness the skills and talents of their employees – and that includes tapping into their leadership skills.


We can help you design a workshop

The AllianceLearning Team will work with you to design a one- or two-day workshop that will help your Employees to:

  • Identify their predominant personal leadership style as well as the associated strengths and challenges;
  • Understand and be able to apply Situational Leadership according to the circumstances and desired outcomes;
  • Understand the various types of decision-making styles and how and when to apply each;
  • Identify what motivates Employees, Employers and other Partners and apply strategies to design solutions that are mutually beneficial;
  • Recognize the phases of conflict and how to manage and diffuse each;
  • Give and receive constructive feedback with peers and others; and
  • Apply their leadership skills to help drive change and innovative thinking.

During these one- and two-day training workshops, you and your team will learn key strategies that can apply to situations in both their personal and their professional lives. These highly participative, learner-centered courses will provide them with the tools and skills to effectively and productively lead organizations and drive change.


Some of the Key Topics Covered Include:

  • Situational Leadership: You will complete a self-assessment tool and identify your natural personal leadership style. You will gain an appreciation of when it is appropriate to use each of the four leadership styles described in this model.
  • Decision-Making: You will examine the four styles of decision-making that are commonly used in today's workplace, the advantages and challenges associated with each, and when it is appropriate to use them.
  • Leadership Attitudes: Through hands-on activities you will explore the effect that the attitude of the leader of an initiative or group has on morale and the work produced.