Online Learning:

Health and Wellness

“Physical and mental wellness are key to your success.” – Janet Stewart

Today’s workplaces can be very demanding on both individuals and families. More and more, people are struggling with mental health issues, which quickly lead to physical health issues.

Set you and your family up for success by taking a proactive approach to your well being. These courses are available to all Members of CUSW.

Wealth Management Certificate Program

This 3-hour Certificate Program is made up of three short courses and is available to all Members of the Power Sector Benefit Trust (PSBT)

  • Wealth Basics
  • Building Wealth through Investing
  • Planning for the Present and the Future

Take all 3 courses to earn your Certification and, more importantly, put together a personal Wealth Management Strategy for you and your family. Each course is completely self-contained and is about 1-hour in length.


Health and Wellness Certificate Program *Coming Soon*

This 8-hour Certificate Program is made up of four short courses:

  • Respect Within the Community
  • Mental Health in the Workplace
  • When AWAY is a way of life…
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Take all 4 courses to earn your Certification and be recognized as an expert or just complete the ones that interest you the most – each is a completely self-contained on-line course and is about 2-hours in length.