About Us

Alliance Learning is an on-line platform. We know that creating your own LMS (Learning Management System) is a big and expensive under-taking so we created an LMS that we can all share! But don't worry - your employees (Members and/or Clients) ONLY see the courses that you WANT them to see. It's a fully secure platform and super user-firendly.
The Alliance Learning Team is a one-stop-shop for solutions. We create learning solutions to help clients keep on top of their skills development and stay ahead of the learning curve in their respective industries. We provide you with the opportunity to create custom-built, learner centered e-learning courses for your employees, members and/or customers. From post-course "boosting" to interactive on-line courses for the asynchronous environment and hybrid projects that include Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions,we stay ahead of the curve and bring innovative solutions to our clients.
We have a well connected team of professional trainers, consultants, facilitators and coaches and when a project requires a Subject Matter Expert in an area of expertise that is not our own, we are not hesitate to engage other members of the Global Speakers’ Federation in order to supply your project with the resource people it needs in order to be successful. 

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