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Alliance Learning is a one-stop-shop for solutions. We create learning solutions to help clients keep on top of their skills development and stay ahead of the learning curve in their respective industries. We provide clients with the opportunity to create custom-built, learner centered e-learning courses for their employees and members. From post-course "boosting" to interactive on-line courses for the asynchronous environment and hybrid projects that include Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions, the Alliance Learning team stays ahead of the curve and brings innovative solutions to their clients.
We have a well connected team of professional trainers, consultants, facilitators and coaches and when a project requires a Subject Matter Expert in an area of expertise that is not our own, we are not hesitate to engage other members of the Global Speakers’ Federation in order to supply your project with the resource people it needs in order to be successful. 

Janet Stewart, Chief Executive Officer

Janet is one of Canada's leading Instructional Designers of leading edge, behavioural-based change initiatives using the full spectrum of on-line learning options available in today's industry. With more than 30 years of experience, Janet employs her team of training professionals to work with organizations to design full-spectrum learning strategies that move organizations forward, using the latest tools available in the training industry. 

Janet has appeared as a guest speaker at conferences across Canada and has designed and facilitated face-to-face learning events with as many as 800 attendees. She has a diploma in Adult Education from St. Francis-Xavier University and is an expert in designing and facilitating strategic development activities and events. As an early adopter in the eLearning industry, she and her team are breaking new ground with the design and implementation of innovative on-line training techniques and solutions.

Janet received the prestigious President's Award and the CEO's Award from Bell Canada Enterprises for her contribution to those companies. She is Past-President of the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and a former National Board Member.

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Carrie Walker-Boyd, Chief Learning Officer

Carrie is first and foremost a problem-solver. With almost 20 years in the training and education field, and a diploma in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier, her key goal is to find the right solution to ensure a successful end result for organizations. When it comes to training, she can skillfully manage and conduct the entire learning process, beginning with needs analysis, learning design, development and delivery and finally evaluation. She will analyze the core of the issue and design anything from the smallest online micro-course, to a full learner development pathway using a blended learning approach, to meet the overall learning objectives.

Carrie has worked for private, public, and member organizations and knows open communication with all stakeholders is the key to getting the job done. She is skilled at managing projects that have many moving pieces, changing objectives, and fluctuating budgets. She works effectively with SME’s to pull out just the right information needed to complete the job and is agile enough to adapt to changing on the fly when needed, without losing sight of the overall objectives. Carrie has led the training component of several large-scale projects including launching a custom version of Moodle LMS and creating a suite of Articulate Storyline courses for a member organization; designing, launching and evaluating a successful 6-week blended-learning onboarding program; and developing training design and delivery standards for a 6,000 person agency. Whether it’s mapping out an entire learning pathway, or getting into the nitty gritty of programming an e-learning module, Carrie works, and loves it all.

In the training field, there is not a one-size-fits all solution, which is why we are skilled at working with several tools, strategies and processes to ensure we are delivering organizations what they really need based on the target audience’s needs, and not just what is new and in style at the moment.

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Lisa Hearty, Digital Communications Director

Lisa brings her communications expertise in writing, strategic communications, and digital/social media marketing to assist our clients to develop and implement communications strategies, so they can successfully market their training initiatives. She works with the client to review and analyze communication approaches to connect with the target audience, boost awareness, and drive conversion goals.

Lisa actively uses social media to engage followers and get conversations going about the latest technology, share tips and promote the magnificent work we do. She is a keen go-getter that stays on top of the latest technology and trends. She is a graduate from the University of Ottawa in Psychology and Algonquin College in Events Management and Social Media.

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Matteo Regattin, Graphic Designer

Effective visual tools are an important part of any training course. When it comes to designing infographics, flyers and job aids, Matteo is a master of combining content and visual ideas that make learning fun and impactful.


Alvin Abraham, Training Video Producer

Alvin is a creative genius who can take content, turn it into a script and then bring it to life through animation. Our on-line courses are some of the best around thanks to his contribution!